Vinzenz Aichsleder


Vinzenz’s passion is enabling businesses in the technology sector to shape the world of tomorrow. He is driven by his passion to support these decision makers during the most significant moments in their company history.

Having previously worked for startups in Austria and North America in business development, he has first-hand experience with the business opportunities and challenges faced by founders. He has also worked for a management consultancy firm in Germany, developing corporate venture projects for clients.

Vinzenz has a degree in Business Informatics from Johannes Kepler University, with a focus on startup valuations and the societal impact of artificial intelligence. He also participated in a one-year exchange at HEC Montreal, where he focused on business strategy and finance.

In his spare time, he closely follows the artificial intelligence and policymaking sector. Furthermore, he enjoys wandering around the different museums and art galleries in Vienna, as well as viewing Vienna’s outstanding theater and opera performances.

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