Emely Kinsky

Junior Analyst

Emely is a person who is characterised by her willingness to learn and her enthusiasm about any topic relevant to her academic and professional career.

She has over three years of experience within the Startup & Tech Ecosystem, and she is still fascinated by its fast-paced and transformative character. Her experience includes working for a Startup Accelerator, aiming to get Early-Stage Tech Startups investment-ready, which led to her gaining a lot of insights about the fundraising process from the company side. She also spent time working at a SaaS Startup, gaining a deeper understanding of how technology is built and delivered to clients.

As a part of her Bachelor’s degree at WU Vienna, she specialises in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, where she also further nurtures her interest in VC, which she first discovered during an internship for a leading European VC fund.

Given her insider knowledge of working with startups and dealing with founders, investors and other stakeholders in the tech ecosystem, Emely can help clients prepare for the challenging process of M&A, especially as to how to present and market their business to potential buyers.

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