Anastasiia Grushina


Anastasiia is a dedicated individual with a strong background in finance and accounting, having gained valuable work experience in various organizations, including teaching and research roles in financial accounting and auditing, as well as working as an assistant in both audit and accounting departments. During her academic journey, she excelled in her studies and research.

She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Economics, where she wrote a thesis on the valuation of companies for M&A purposes. Currently, she is pursuing a Master’s Program focusing on strategy and innovation. Anastasiia’s finance and accounting skills are well-known, honed through her work experience and academic pursuits. Her attention to detail and analytical mindset make her a valuable asset in financial analysis and reporting.

Outside of her finance pursuits, Anastasiia has a passion for art, particularly painting, which serves as her creative outlet. Her personal qualities of integrity, collaborative nature, and open-mindedness contribute to her effectiveness as a team player.

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